Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Birding

What a day! with Itamar Gorfinkel, Amit Choan and Itamar Donitza
In the morning we started in Acre's North beach.
Crazy numbers of Mediterranean Gulls, 14 birds! Also other good birds like Caspian, Blatic and Pallas's Gulls. We found our own Audouin's Gull! and saw the Lesser Crested Tern that Amir Ben-Dov found yesterday.

Audouin's Gull

Lesser Crested Tern

Mediterranean Gull

 We gave up on the Humos Restaurant to twich the Asian House Martin  1st for Israel!  in Ma'agan Michael.
In Ma'agan Michael we saw all the common birds like Citrine Wagtail and Penduline Tits.

Citrine Wagtail
The Asian Martin was hard but we found her

1st Asian House Martin

After the Martin we went to twich the  Slovenian Grabe 5th for Israel!

Slovenian Grabe

Saturday, December 3, 2016

                                                                           Hula lake      

today,I was wandering around the Hula Lake.  I had a great day with Itamar Gorfinkel, Itamar Donitza and Omer Tamari

I woke up at 4:00 in the morning-tough! and immediately leftt  my house,and we are on our way toward the Hula lake! The sun is rising above the Golan heights and we already saw  good birds like the
Eastern Imperlial Eagle, Peregrine, Ferruginous Duck and another commons ducks and birds of prey... of course a lot of Cranes...

Male Marsh Harrier


The real reason that we came to the Hula lake is the Greylag Geese that found here (very rare bird in Israel). We saw them from the Floating view,  lifer!

Little stop in the Red-Breasted Flycatcher's woods and we returned home right on time to see the Classico

Red-Breasted Flycatcher

Saturday, November 26, 2016

                                                                  Crossbills and more 

Last week Avner Rinot found group of three Common Crossbills in Mt. Hrzel,Jerusalem
Very rare bird in Israel. So today morning
, Michael Halevi, Amit Cohen, Itamar Gorfinkel and me
visted the mountain. 

Common croosbill

In the mountain were few Goldcrests, Siskins, Hewfinchs and of course the three unatractive birds, the Crossbills.New bird for the israeli list

After the twich on the crossbills we visited the Gazelle's valley. In the valley helded good numbers of Bramblings but the highlight was the rare Buff-bellied pipit(Japanicus) this bird found last week.

awful record from the pipit

 Then we continued to the pleasant Dotterels that found yesterday in gaash.
And they were  very calm.Except from the Dotterels we saw Desert wheatear and Goldan plovers.
Great day!


Friday, November 25, 2016

                                                 אחרי בית ספר מטווצים חופמי ערבה

עוד בזמן בית הספר קיבלנו הודעה בטלגרם על שלושה חופמי ערבה שנותנים תצפית טובה, עברה שנה מאז התצפית  האחרונה שלי על מין זה והיית לי הרגשה שאסור לפספס תצפית ק"לב במין מעניין כמו זה. אז כך היה,
בשלוש יצאנו אני, מיכאל הלוי ואיתמר דוניצה לצפות בחופמי ערבה .

כשהגענו לשטח פגשנו את יואב ברק, אחד מהמוצאים של להקת החופמים.
בילינו שעה יפה בחברת החופמים, טוויץ מוצלח מאוד!

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