Saturday, November 26, 2016

                                                                  Crossbills and more 

Last week Avner Rinot found group of three Common Crossbills in Mt. Hrzel,Jerusalem
Very rare bird in Israel. So today morning
, Michael Halevi, Amit Cohen, Itamar Gorfinkel and me
visted the mountain. 

Common croosbill

In the mountain were few Goldcrests, Siskins, Hewfinchs and of course the three unatractive birds, the Crossbills.New bird for the israeli list

After the twich on the crossbills we visited the Gazelle's valley. In the valley helded good numbers of Bramblings but the highlight was the rare Buff-bellied pipit(Japanicus) this bird found last week.

awful record from the pipit

 Then we continued to the pleasant Dotterels that found yesterday in gaash.
And they were  very calm.Except from the Dotterels we saw Desert wheatear and Goldan plovers.
Great day!


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